J. LAVI Trade & Consulting Ltd.
Air Compressors and Accessories

J. Lavi Trade & Consulting Ltd. is a leading supplier of air-compressors, spare-parts and accessories in Israel, combining superior compressed-air technology from leading international vendors with over 36 years of experienced in service, maintenance and installation.

The company's comprehensive product portfolio includes:
• Piston air compressors
• Screw (oiled and oil-free) air compressors
• High pressure air compressors
•  Spare-parts for all brands and types of air compressors
• Air dryers
• Filters and separators
• Alumina and mulecular-sieve
• Drains
• And more...

The company's service-center repairs blowers, screw and piston air-compressors from all brands and types. Highly experienced technical teams provide maintenance and installation services throughout the country. 

The company's customers include companies and factories from a wide range of Israeli industries: food, chemistry, textile, metal, light and heavy industries, various manufacturers, and service providers. These customers include some of the leading companies and factories from the Israeli industry.
Drilling Equipment
In the recent years J. Lavi Trade & Consulting Ltd. developed a new department specializing in drilling equipment and soil-sampling. The company import and sells high quality augers, drill-bits, coring-bits, casing and rod shoes, reaming-shells, tungsten carbide bits, and more.

J. Lavi Trade & Consulting Ltd. represents some of leading companies in this field, providing top-notch equipment to most of the Israeli drilling companies.
P.O.Box 566 Rishon Lezion 75100 Israel Tel./Fax: 972-3-9615207, 972-8-9351097 E-mail: lavi.josef@gmail.com